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Welcome to MarshallWolowich

MarshallWolowich is a professional services and consulting firm specializing in Geographical Information Systems and Information Technology.

We have over 24 years experience providing solutions for companies of all sizes in both public and private sectors. Our firm offers full-service solutions from concept to completion while supplying ongoing support if required.

The firm currently consists of two industry professionals; Peter Marshall and Greg Wolowich.

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Tree Branches Are Down - What About Your Business?

This past weekend, Guelph and surrounding areas experienced an ice storm that has left hundreds of thousands without electricity for well over 24 hours. In fact, at the time of writing this post; there are still many without power. Being stuck at home with no power is an inconvenience but if prepared you should...

PPC Advertising For Business, a Better Way to Advertise

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising When it comes to advertising, there are plenty of options. Each type comes with it’s own set of advantages and dis-advantages although there is one thing that remains consistent between them. Cost. Traditional marketing sources (print, television, radio, etc.…) require payment up front in order to run your campaign....

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important For Your Business

When most people hear the term SEO, they automatically assume that it’s sole purpose is to get your website listed in the top search results. For the most part, people think that this just sort of happens and accept it as “magic”. The truth is, Search Engine Optimization works because you are adhering to...