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MarshallWolowich is a professional services/consulting firm specializing in Geographical Information Systems and Information Technology. We have over 24 years experience providing solutions for companies of all sizes in both public and private sectors. Our firm offers full-service solutions from concept to completion while supplying ongoing support if required. The firm currently consists of two industry professionals; Peter Marshall and Greg Wolowich.

Combined, MarshallWolowich provides robust, customized technology solutions related to digital mapping as well as online branding and marketing campaigns.

Our Team

Peter Marshall

Online Media Specialist

Peter is an I.T. technologist who specializes in rapid server deployment methodologies, and digital infrastructure security. He currently holds an OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) designation and provides digital market- ing consultation, as well as web design services in addition to his technical skills.

Greg Wolowich

GIS Specialist

Greg has extensive expertise pertaining to geomatics and geospatial technology. He is knowledgable in the gathering, storage, processing, analysis and delivering of geographic information using a variety of methods and formats required to meet client needs.