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PPC Advertising For Business, a Better Way to Advertise

PPC Advertising For Business, a Better Way to Advertise

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

When it comes to advertising, there are plenty of options. Each type comes with it’s own set of advantages and dis-advantages although there is one thing that remains consistent between them. Cost. Traditional marketing sources (print, television, radio, etc.…) require payment up front in order to run your campaign. PPC Advertising stands for Pay-Per-Click which means you only pay for clicks that you receive.

Control Your Advertising

With Pay-Per-Click advertising, you can set your ad’s to appear on search engine results pages and/or websites that have opted into an advertising display network. You can create multiple advertisements and monitor their success rates in order to constantly improve your marketing efforts. If you notice that a certain ad is not performing well, you can make changes to improve it or delete it altogether.

Set Your Ad Spend Amounts

With PPC Advertising, ad’s get displayed based on their AdRank, which consist of your sites quality score and your keyword bid amount. Keyword bidding is the amount you choose to spend per click. If done correctly, you can be ranking for targeted keywords for less than $0.50 cents per click. The potential return on investment for these types of keywords can be huge. However, if you do not have professionals to setup your advertising campaign, this can end up costing you a lot.

Managed PPC Advertising

MarshallWolowich provides PPC Advertising management and consulting services to ensure your business is getting the best results possible. Our managed campaigns are tracked and monitored hourly to ensure optimal performance. Our best practice approach is to build ad campaigns with safe guards in place to prevent over spending; we can always increase the amount temporarily if required.

View our Ad Campaign Management page for more details on our services.

Track Your Campaigns

Unlike print or radio, PPC ads allow you to track every single ad impression and click that you receive. Our approach is to take things a step further and utilize analytics software to track every visitor who clicks on and ad and comes to the website. This allows us to follow the path they take once on the site and verify if they perform a desired action whether it buy buying something from an online store, requesting a quote, signing up for a mailing list or any other defined goal.

Get Started Today

If you would like to see how PPC Advertising can benefit your business, please contact us and we will be happy to go over your business needs and help plan your campaign. We let you set the budget and we then build the campaign to get your business the best results within your budget.

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