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Why Search Engine Optimization is Important For Your Business

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important For Your Business

When most people hear the term SEO, they automatically assume that it’s sole purpose is to get your website listed in the top search results. For the most part, people think that this just sort of happens and accept it as “magic”. The truth is, Search Engine Optimization works because you are adhering to established principles and best practices. The reason why SEO works is because the majority of websites are designed lacking these principles and therefore improvements made on the website cause the website to perform better in search results.

Search engines have a reputation to uphold. If someone does a search for dog food, and the search results are not of use then the search engine did not provide any value. Not only that, after a couple of searches with no value the person doing the searches is going to be upset that they are wasting their time. This leads to people looking for other search engines to use. This is what allowed Google to become the dominating force it is today. Back in the 1990’s search engines existed but the relevancy of results was not very good. Google came along and was an instant success because it allowed people to find relevant results to that they were looking for.

The point I am trying to make is that Google wants to deliver relevant results. If you can provide them with as much detail as possible, it gives them the ability to provide people with relevant search results.

MarshallWolowich performs full SEO Audits for existing websites to identify weak areas where a website could be improved. By performing these improvements, your website will become on of the top ranking search results on not only Google, but all the search engines. After all, every search engine now a days realizes that relevancy is crucial for maintaining their users.

If your business is currently ranking poorly, or not ranking at all in search engine results; we can help. Contact us and we can implement an SEO strategy that will put your business on the first page of search results. Often times, we have been able to produce results where a business ends up showing up multiple times on the first page, greatly enhancing the probability that they will end up getting clicked on.

We are passionate about Search Engine Optimization strategies and techniques and would be glad to speak with you regarding your business needs. No matter how big or small your company is, the more visitors you get from search results; the more likely you are to convert one or more of them into a sale.

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