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Email Server Installation

Exchange Email Server Setup

An email server allows your company to better manage the emails that are sent and received on a day to day basis.

There are two options when it comes to corporate email servers.

  1. Hosted Email Solutions
  2. Internal Email Solutions

In a hosted email solution, the mail servers are typically rented and reside in an off-site location. The upkeep and maintenance is handled by dedicated staff to ensure optimal performance.

If your office does not have adequate space for server storage, than this option might be the best choice for your business needs.


An internal email solution is the traditional in house hosted scenario. The server resides in a server room on premise and is managed by company staff or a managed service provider.


The benefits of having a corporate Exchange server is that you can control every aspect of communications within your company.

  • Backup and restore individual mailboxes
  • Fine tune spam settings to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your inbox.
  • Share your calendars with co-workers
  • Schedule rooms, and resources through Outlook
  • Integrate Smartphone devices with corporate mail server


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